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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A ribbon cutting and a ground breaking make the Neon Museum sparkle even more...

It is without a doubt that the Neon Museum is one of the most important historical institutions in Nevada. The fact that the museum preserves that which defines Las Vegas should give us pause, especially in a city that does not necessarily celebrate its architectural past. The Neon Museum has been an idea since it was first suggested by the Allied Arts Council (AAC) in 1986. The need to preserve this important historical architectural vernacular became a priority after the huge Flamingo sign on Las Vegas Boulevard was brought down. Though the sign was initially offered to the AAC by the hotel, the organization did not have a facility in place to house such an enormous structure. After the Flamingo sign incident the AAC came together and created a committee to look into the possibility of preserving Las Vegas's historic signs and thus the Neon Museum was born.

I had the pleasure of working as the interim curator of the Neon Museum in 2005-06. The time I spent at the museum was amazing and the opportunity to work with such a spectacular collection is one I will never forget. Interestingly enough the last thing I did for the museum was assist in the acquisition of the Stardust sign; the huge 300 foot pylon sign was not much smaller then the Flamingo sign.

With Mayor Oscar B. Goodman and several dignitaries on-hand the museum will celebrate the grand opening of the Neon Boneyard Park and the groundbreaking for the museum building itself. The $2 million Neon Boneyard Park includes a covered family picnic shelter with benches, a exhibition area for neon signs with a walking trail, a large open storage area for non-displayed neon signs, and parking.

The festivities will take place TODAY at 10am. Open to all!

The Neon Museum 
770 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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