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Monday, November 22, 2010

Something to be very thankful for... A Year Later...

It was exactly a year ago when my good friend RaShelle and I were eating dinner at a Downtown eatery, talking about a myriad of topics, from my career to the cultural arts that an epiphany happened. She told me about how cool it was that I constantly posted great tidbits of information about the arts in Las Vegas on my Facebook page. She challenged me to start blogging, letting the world know about Las Vegas' cultural events and news. I informed her that I indeed had a blog that was given to me by my friend Robert in 2005. At the time Robert approached me about taking over the blog I was knee deep in building an exhibition for the Las Vegas centennial. I was extremely reluctant to accept such a responsibility considering the amount of time it would take to keep up with what was happening culturally about town. Though I had kept up with it for a few months after Robert handed me the reigns I sadly let it go dormant.

Though I had let the blog lapse for a few years it was RaShelle who lit a fire under my butt and told me to start blogging again. That evening conversation, over some hummus and pita, set in motion a series of events that have brought me closer to what is happening in Las Vegas' cultural arts landscape. Within 48 hours of me relaunching the blog and posting my plans on Facebook, I received a phone call from Flo at KNPR who also lit another fire for me and encouraged me to move forward with this new writing venture. Though I am not a writer, no matter the obstacles, I felt I needed to chronicle cultural experiences here and insightful thoughts. It all happened so quickly that by the end of 2009 I was so fired up about diving full force into the arts that I could never look back. A decision I will never regret.

Though 2009 was a terrible year for so many, because of the lagging economic malaise that we found ourselves in, I said to myself that 2010 would be better. I declared Zen in 2010 and instead of allowing people to complain that there was no culture in Las Vegas I would do something about it. My philosophical approach was to keep it positive and constantly put out information that would be of interest to the public. Even though it seems that I am on the pulse of what is happening in the arts, I will admit that I cannot keep up, which is a wonderful thing. That means that there is so much happening that no one person or group of people can keep up.

Relaunching this blog was monumental for me. It brought positive change in my life and, I hope, others in the city. Now that we are a few days away from Thanksgiving I have something to be thankful for. Thanks to RaShelle Roberts, Flo Rogers, Robert Kimberly and every single person who is involved in the Cultural Arts in Las Vegas. And "Most importantly, to all of you who have read and supported this blog.

I would like to leave you with a special wish. Even though Las Vegas is not as perfect as we would like it to be, please support your local cultural arts, whether it is a museum, art gallery, artist, non-profit organization or group that is attempting to make this Radiant City in the desert a little bit more perfect.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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