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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, Logan's Run, Arts Factory... Can it get any better?

Now that we are finally finished with Thanksgiving and have eaten more food then we would normally eat on any given day, we sit back, relax and enjoy the day. Though it is unseasonably cold outside even for Vegas standards the Arts Factory in 18b is still hosting Camp 107 tonight. Though I suspect it may be featured inside Bar + Bistro where it is nice and warm and you can enjoy hot toddy, some fabulous pizza and other fare.

The chance to see Logan's Run, one of the most technically advanced movies of the 1970's is too much to pass up. And the fact that it came out the year after I was born just makes even better. The movie based on the book by William Nolan and George Johnson takes us to a dystopian future full of pleasure, sex, desire and youth. Granted there is a catch to all of this bacchanalian debauchery, one little detail actually, that is when your time is up... But you will have to wait and see what happens in the carousel...

Is there renewal after turkey?

Camp 107 {Cocktails, Cuisine & Classic Cinema Experience}

1070s Logan’s Run was widely lauded as the herald of a new age in science fiction cinema. In a hermetically sealed, post-apocalyptic urban environment several centuries hence, Logan 5 (Michael York) and his friend Francis 7 (Richard Jordan) work as “sandmen,” Logan and Francis are charged with tracking down and killing “runners” -- those citizens who will submit to neither “renewal” (a peaceful death) nor “carousel” (a gladiatorial battle).

Shake off the turkey coma and renew yourself with a warming cocktail or dinner before the movie at 8pm. Too cold? We’ll move it inside for a fun, urban experience.

Saturday, November 27th, join us for Painters’s on the Patio, including slammin’ poetry performances and live music. You won’t find this anywhere else but at Bar+Bistro.


107 E. Charleston Blvd. #155 (on the NW corner of Charleston and Art Way (Casino Center) 

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