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Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Moon Call for Work...

Now I know that artists love attention and love to show off their talents. So here is a great opportunity to get your creative juices going. So get the brush and paint ready and see if you are the lucky artist to be chosen. Look at the details below for more information.

Artfully yours...

Thank you for your interest in the Blue Moon “Artfully Crafted” event and contest, the winner of the contest will have their painting featured as a full-page ad in City Life!

  • Simply create an original Blue Moon painting on a 22 x 28 canvas 
  • Enter it in our “Artfully Crafted” Blue Moon contest by simply emailing njones@teament.com with the listed information below 
  • First and Last Name and Contact Number 
  • Deadline to submit your artwork is September 24th; all artwork is to be submitted to the Artisan Front Desk. 
  • Event is Oct 1. 8-10pm at the Artisan Hotel, bring friends and family to come vote on your piece of art!
  • As for the actual art there is no set criteria, you are simply taking the theme “Artfully Crafted” and creating what you think will fit to be the next Blue Moon ad. 
  • Winner (voted on by event attendees) receives a full page ad in City Life, date to be run in October. 
  • Once your painting is submitted, you have the option to donate your painting to be used at the discretion of Wirtz Beverage/Team Enterprises. 
  • All artwork is subject to being disqualified should TEAM Enterprises or Wirtz Beverage deem it unacceptable. (i.e. foul language, extreme nudity, not in line with branding) 
  • Must be 21 to enter. 
For Questions and or more information email Niki at njones@teament.com or call 702-985-1718.

Or check out this site http://www.8newsnow.com/Global/link.asp?L=456885

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