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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Downtown Denizens Descend!

It was in early 2007, shortly after I left my two year stint as Interim Curator of the Neon Museum that my fabulous colleagues in the Office of Cultural Affairs invited me to a congratulatory send off to my new position as Curator of the News Bureau. They invited me to the brand new Downtown Cocktail Room for some cheer. I will never forget walking up to the entrance and trying to figure out how to get in, then all of a sudden this wall opened up revealing my good friend Elizabeth who greeted me with a giant smile, a hug and a welcome. That evening solidified my absolute love for what has become one of Downtown's must see and experience attractions.

The DCR, as it is affectionately called by the denizens who partake in its magic is one of Las Vegas' greatest lounges. It is decorated in warm shades of crimson and dark chocolate with artistry by some of Las Vegas' great mainstays of the scene, such as Steven Spann and Michael Wardle. The sounds of soulful and deep house permeate the environment which sets the stage for the performance that takes place at the bar. With George, Alicia and the rest of the cast on that stage you know the cocktails you are about to imbibe will be something special. I honestly have to say that I have never had a less favorable cocktail at the DCR and the reason is simple; the DCR is about pure experience and that is thanks to the attention to detail that is taken when each work of art is served.

Today marks the Third Anniversary of the DCR and proprietor Michael Cornthwaite and his fiancee, the lovely Jennifer Harrington, have something very special planned. If you want to experience real Las Vegas Culture and live like a Downtowner, even for one evening, then you must come to the Downtown Cocktail Room.

Hummm I think I will start my evening with a Downtown Dill or an Absinthe perhaps? Decisions Decisions...

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