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Thursday, February 04, 2010

ART ART ART & More Art, Culture & some History too...

I have come to the conclusion, well actually I came to this conclusion a really long time ago that First Friday has gotten so big that it cannot be done in one evening. So there are now two evenings to enjoy the Downtown ART scene back to back. But in actuality many of these galleries, antique shops, restaurants and boutiques are open throughout the week. So if you cannot stomach the multitudes that come to First Friday there are other days in the month that you can and should come down and enjoy these great establishments.

With that said, TONIGHT for your edification and amusement 18b presents Preview Thursday. The gallery walk begins at 6pm and should last to around 9pm or until the last gallery closes its doors. Then you can head down to the many great little lounges and bars down in the Entertainment District; my personal favorite is of course the Downtown Cocktail Lounge. But in either case you can come down tonight and look at some fabulous art and experience Las Vegas' great cultural scene.

For those who are interested in a bit of History you can head down to the Springs Preserve tonight. Beginning at 6:30pm my good friend Lynn Zook of the great Classic Las Vegas Blog http://classiclasvegas.squarespace.com/ will be presenting;

Untold Stories: Black Entertainment in Las Vegas in celebration of Black History Month

The panel discussion will include Claytee White, director of the UNLV Oral History Project and entertainers who graced the stage including Skip Trenier, Sonny Turner and Michael Ryan Tyler.

The panel discussion will take place in the Springs Preserve Desert Living Center
Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for children 5 to 17, members receive $2 discount
For more information on the Springs Preserve please visit there site at http://www.springspreserve.org/

Nevada Public Radio
For more information on the Cultural Arts in Las Vegas please visit Nevada Public Radio. NPR has detailed listings of many cultural and civic events hosted by area non-profits click on this link
http://www.knpr.org/common/psa/listNEW.cfm and if you are planning an event in the next few months, be sure to get your free listing in NvPR's Desert Companion magazine by submitting the information here at http://www.knpr.org/culture/eventaddnew.cfm

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