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Friday, January 22, 2010

My love for electronic music & a cafe' dedicated to it...

Let’s cut down to the chase I will say this with pride that there is no better sound then that of House Music. As a graduate of the 1990's Rave scene I will admit that my penchant for electronic music is second to none and anyone who knows me well enough knows that fact. Granted I went through my phases of Trance, Techno, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Gabber and the myriad of off shoots that made up the scene but in the end I always came back to the mother of it all - House.

The Electronic Music Cafe' (EMC) debuted on First Friday January 1 with a 12 hour lineup of Dj's beginning at 6pm that evening and ending at 6am. As I approached the café at 1308 South Main Street the unmistakable sound of bass permeated unto the street. Walking into the café one is quickly taken back to the exhilarating days of the underground establishments that popped up in industrial areas around cities. Interestingly enough the cafe' is located just a few blocks away from where the underground rave club the "Cande Factore" was located years ago. The café is painted in rich tones and sectioned off with steel piping and spandex coverings, creating small intimate areas where artwork and video come together. The concrete floors are painted with some of the most famous names in the House Music movement such as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Lavan, Donald Glaude, Colette and many others.

Though I did not stay the whole night, since I was still recovering from the New Year’s festivities, I did run into a few old friends and the lovely Evelyn Thompson who with her partner Jesse Saunders opened the cafe'. Yes you heard me right; Jesse Saunders the father of House music has opened a café in Las Vegas.

A few weeks later I had the opportunity to sit down with Evelyn to chat about her ideas and I quickly realized that her passion and dedication for the café would propel this project to new heights. The café is about community and art but always returning back to the music. How the music influences culture, art, fashion and design are all inextricably intertwined and that is the basis of the café. Evelyn likes to describe the café as a “Creative Emporium.”

Aside of the music the café is actually a café. The EMC plans on offering Vegan sandwiches, cookies and other goodies, they currently serve a selection of specialty coffees and hot cocoa. The café is open every Friday at 6pm with expanded hours coming in the near future.

This evening the Electronic Music Cafe presents LIVE Fridays! An
experience unparalleled by any other!

Evie, Jesse & Paco @ EMC
The Dj line-up is a follows;

Lenny Alfonzo
Jason Rios
DJ THinC & LP Sound
Edgar Reyes
Rob Alahn
Jesse Saunders
Doug Wilcox

Live Artist painting musically inspired ART! Models and Photographers
in a LIVE photo-shoot and more...

$10 Donation helps us keep the cause going!

Your donation includes:

* Your 1st cup of Coffee, Mochaccino, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, etc.
* Entry into the ART Raffle
*Live in-studio participation with the VJs, DJs, Models and Artists!

For more information please visit there site at http://http//www.electronicmusiccafe.com/

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