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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Pavilion fit for a Pharaoh...

Have you ever wondered what happened to the King Tut exhibition at the Luxor Hotel? Well you do not have to wonder anymore. In what is probably one of the most significant donations any museum in the community has received the Las Vegas Natural History Museum will now be home to the famed King Tut exhibition. The exhibition called the "Treasures of Egypt" will be housed in a new Egyptian pavilion that was exclusively built at the museum to house this collection. The exhibition will feature hundreds of replicas of some of the most famous artifacts that were discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

In 2008 I had the pleasure to sit down with Marilyn Gillespie, the Executive Director of the museum as she excitedly informed me of this significant donation. Goodness knows I was excited for her and the museum. For over 20 years Marilyn, the longest serving executive director of any museum in the State of Nevada, has persevered thanks to her unrelenting dedication to the Natural History Museum and the field in general. This donation is a crowning achievement to great leadership and I congratulate Marilyn and the museum.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, January 30.
For more information about the Las Vegas Natural History Museum please visit - http://www.lvnhm.org/

The new Egyptian Pavilion was made possible by a significant donation from the Engelstad Family, MGM Mirage, Luxor Las Vegas and the State of Nevada.

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