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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Enculturate Las Vegas Awakens in the new Decade

Hello Friends,
I am so excited to be blogging and bringing you the latest cultural arts news and announcements that are happening in the Radiant City. Since I re-launched the blog several weeks ago I have had an influx of readership from all over the community and have been referenced in other locations also.

Over the next following weeks you will see some exciting things happen with the blog as it morphs into a new site that can be used to find out what is happening in our fabulous city. As always the only way I can maintain this site is because of you. If you hear of any events that may be happening please do not hesitate to send it my way. I will post everything that is relevant to the cultural arts.

I do wish each and everyone of you a Fabulous and Covered with Rhinestones Holiday Season and an even more spectacular New Years!

Thank you for your support...

Warm wishes - Paco

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