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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Not Like Nicolas Cage or Elisabeth Shue: Leaving Las Vegas

Just as the city keeps on moving in the right direction, so I have to as well. Neither a whore nor a drunk, I'll be getting out of Vegas unscathed. And the city is giving me a good reason to be happy doing so, with temps in the 110's. Too damn hot.

The nice thing about leaving Vegas will be the return visits. My first big city home, New Orleans, remains almost unchanged with every visit. Vegas practically changes daily, with new building carving up the skyline, new bars, new trends, new flights of fancy.

I was happy to call New Orleans home, happy to have Vegas as my home, and Atlanta is looking good as well. I work to pass this site over to Vegas locals, so keep an eye out. New stuff may be coming. While you're here, there's loads of articles to be found here so start digging, I'll be posting at my new site, Neon Poisoning, so drop on by.

So now, I leave you with my last and newest Vegas find. Only in in Sin City would the university have the need for a Center for Gaming Research. Center Manager David G. Schwartz "areas of specialty include the history, casino surveillance and security, gaming and technology, and related issues." But it's his pictures of carpet are what are really great! Carpet you say, all dismisive-like. This is Vegas and we do carpet like no one else!

Thanks for reading, Rob

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