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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Underground Las Vegas: Good Things at Week's End

If ever there was a city that deserved a guide to get tourists past a cliched and two-dimensional bill-of-goods that is sold to them, it's Vegas. While working at the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, I remember being assailed by a crunchy bohemian type about the crass commercialism, the soullessness, and thorough lack of culture in Vegas. Mind you, this was in the Rem Koolhaas-designed museum during the exhibition "Art Through The Ages: Masterpieces of Painting from Titian to Picasso." While not entirely indicative of the city on the whole, this little art lover's paradise was in Vegas, and she indeed had paid the pricey admission to see these fine works of art. So, her argument rang slightly hollow. Had she had The Underground Guide to Las Vegas she may have not complained at all. But I think she lived to complain. Anyways...

This much-needed addition to Vegas travel books answers such questions as:

What mass-transit option is 40-feet off the ground, has junk-bond status, and occasionally loses a wheel? (Page 18)

My girlfriend says when I wear a dress and shave I look like Liza Minelli. Is there a yearly convention I could attend and be surrounded by people who will love me as I am? (Page 59)

When the girl at the Asian Massage parlor takes her "clenched fist" and raises it up and down, what is she trying to tell me?" (page 177)

Where can I sell my plasma? (Page 191)

Seth Flynn Barklan, Gregory Crosby, Scott Dickensheets, Joshua Ellis, Izzy Fizler, Jarret Keene, Princess Anne Mulford, and Jenny Prosser all contributed to this book. Additionally, I got a chance to read the book prior to publication and got to give my 2 cents. So, hit up Dino's, see the literary kid, hear a great band, and buy me a drink.

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