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Thursday, November 11, 2004

MGM Mirage to Build New City Center

Image from MGM Mirage.

The MGM Mirage is looking to add a city center in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

However, a Foxnews interview with MGM Mirage President Jim Murren placed the "Project CityCenter" development in an interesting context. He noted that Vegas does not have a proper city center, using Manhattan and its variety of neighborhoods as a model for the MGM Mirage's newest project. But he did note that downtown is having an economic revitalization (possibly referring to the Arts District), as well as citing the Maryland Blvd. corridor which UNLV President Carol Harter has been talking about developing into "Midtown UNLV."

It is a slightly surprising comment as many (myself included) presume that casino execs have a myopic view of Vegas, with their gaze only at the Strip and the tourists it attracts. Providing proof that's not always the case, Glenn Schaeffer, president of Mandalay Bay Casino, is a pivotal supporter of the International Institute of Modern Letters and main financial investor in Vegas newcomer gallery Godt-Cleary.

So there you go.

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