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Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Killers: Coffee Connections and iTunes

An article about The Killers has been long overdue. The Vegas band has been making big waves in Europe. A March 2004 BBC concert review has this to say about the boys...

"On stage The Killers are magnetic. Flowers is an enthralling watch, singing and constantly straining the very sinew to push his hands in the air in an act of fey Morrissey-like stagecraft. He is flanked by the ice cool charm of the rest of the group, the shaggy haired David Keuning on guitars and Mike Stoermer on electric bass... ...The highlight comes with Mr Brightside - the EP of the same name is now sold out and it's not hard to see why. A constantly whirring melody is pushed to the limit by emotive lyricism: "Coming out of my cage/ and I've been doing just fine/ gotta be down/ because I want it all" and strident building guitars.

Then onto new single "Somebody Told Me" (RealAudio File/RealVideo) - with its sublime Duran Duran-esque sound it can't help but get the crowd moving."

While stateside, the band has been putting Vegas local Ryan Pardey in their employ as their American tour manager. Former co-owner of the now-defunct Cafe Roma, Mr. Pardey had been DJing at the Icehouse, amongst other things. When the Killers performed in Seattle, Geoff Carter managed some pictures and posted them on Wednesday the 28th. The Killers will be performing at the Coachella Valley Music Festival on Sunday, May 2nd. Which is fortunate for Killers fans, as Saturday's lineup is sold out. One would think that Vegas might be seeing both the band and Ryan with Coachella being relatively close and all.

Also, Apple just offered a Mac and Windows release of iTunes 4.5. One of the many new and interesting features is the ability to look at a select group of radio stations' playlists by city. While KOMP 92.3 and KXTE 107.5 have very similar playlists according to iTunes, only KXTE has The Killers as part of their programmed artists.

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