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Sunday, April 18, 2004

God Has Brought Me Laughter, and Everyone Who Hears About This Will Laugh with Me.

The idea that devout religious believers can make with the funny and actually get laughs has its doubters. Those that believe that God has a sense of humor are sarcastic heathens who were already hellbound to begin with. And yet a collection of devout Christian humorists have not only managed to pull off a reverent version of The Onion, they packed it full of honest-to-god snappy headlines and wit-filled articles.

Just check out such examples as Christian couple maintains abstinence through first two years of marriage, Pastor's wife sends body double to sit pleasantly on front pew and Students start ministry to men with ponytails.

But the article In face of declining U.S. morality, Christians emigrate to Muslim countries really takes some shots at sacred cows. It states, "...their goal: To enjoy the comparatively clean moral environment those countries offer." With their willingness to take on politics, the war on terror, and sex, the LarkNews sounds like the Daily Show staff made it to church, returning with their tongues in cheek and souls firmly intact.

But for those who like their irreverent humor kosher, there's the International Jewish Conspiracy website, which promises, "All the Schemes That Are Fit To Print." Taking their cue from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Russian-fabricated fictional guide to Jewish global domination, these guys run with the premise. Promising to be the best source of information, "...from the People Who Brought You Banking," the site keeps the concerned conspiracist up to date on all the intrigue and news.

The following articles should give a taste of what you will find:

"Are You a Giant Lizard?, Conspiracy theorists have claimed that most members of the Illuminati are, in fact, giant shape-shifting lizards. The International Jewish Conspiracy's Medical Corps investigates..."

"So Ask Uncle Zog Already...

Q. Besides monitoring my mail, e-mail and phone calls, and planting thoughts in my head, what other activities do you guys engage in?
-- Derek W., Aryan Nations, Idaho.

A. Oh Derek, you know that I know that you know the answer to that question as well as I do. Silly skinhead."

and... "Star Chamber Uproar Over Gay Marriage Mix-up, ...An effort by goy Puppet George W. Bush to comply with IJC directives to distract from the emptying of the US treasury has brought him into conflict with long-standing programs run by the Council of Commie Pinko Liberal Homo Intellectual Big-City Jews, known throughout the Conspiracy as the Full Monty Group..."

A full understanding of contemporary conspiracies and their histories (see the David Icke Site, The 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, Disinformation.com, and the American Jewish Historical Society) helps with understanding some of the humor and references. But even if you aren't fully versed in who's-who in global domination, this site will keep you laughing. The best part will be knowing what George W. and friends will be up to even before they do.

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