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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Kittens Get You Kornered for Another Weekend Show!

From SCGKitten Rue La Femme, what's up for the weekend!

"The Sin City Grind Kittens gear up for another show this Saturday, April 17, 2004, at their home venue The Cooler Lounge on Lake Mead and Decatur. Last weekend's show at the New York Cafe with the Pervz was successful, and The Kittens hope to be doing more shows outside of their home venue.

This weekend, The Kittens will be performing with The Holy Smokes and Big Rig. The show starts at 10:00pm. And be sure to be on time because this will be The Kittens' last show for the month of April. So come and support your favorite Kitty. MEOW!

For more information on Sin City Grind Kittens Shows and The Kittens themselves, please go to their website.

Or for directions to the Cooler Lounge please go here.

Also, please check out a recent review written about us on OneThirtyEight.org...

3-27-04 The Sin City Ghouls - The Dirty Babies - Big Rig - The Sin City Grind Kittens - D.O.R.K. @ The Cooler Lounge

And oh, the kitten that pulled a Janet Jackson, yup, that was me, Rue La Femme. My pastie fell off during the middle of my first set. LOL. Hey, it happens. "

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