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Thursday, March 25, 2004

This Weekend: Grinding Girls + Loud Bands, and Flicker LV

Saturday the 27th, 10pm will have the Sin City Grind Kittens at the Cooler Lounge.

From Kitten "Rue La Femme"...

"The Kittens will go on at 10:00 (I will be the first girl to dance) and then two bands after we are done. Then the Kittens will dance again, followed by the last two bands.

The bands will be:

The Sin City Ghouls
The Dirty Babies
D. O. R. K.
Big Rig"

Sunday, Flicker LV will have its first Flicker Show on March 28 at the New York Cafe. This will mark the beginning of Vegas' participation in the national Flicker film group.

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