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Friday, April 02, 2004

Brother Luke CD Release Party Shows Frippertronics Has Taken Root in Vegas

It's not often that a musician gets a technique named after him, but with Robert Fripp that's just the case. Musically Frippertronics, or "looping," is the capturing of brief samples of sound and repeating. Like spinning hay into gold, it allows for a single artist to quickly craft a full sound quickly. Back in the 70's, it allowed for Robert Fripp, guitartist for King Crimson, and Brian Eno to record some amazing albums, and now their influence can often be heard at the Palms Casino.

Vegas-based Brother Luke had his CD release party on Tuesday the 30th at the weekly Acoustic Asylum. And while fronting a band, Brother Luke would often turn human beat-box and make the beginnings of a song with sounds of his own making. But it was St. Louis-based Philip Reilly Stendek that really showcased the spell that looping can cast. Stendek took up residence in Vegas for seven months and before departing taught interested local musicians, like Brother Luke, looping techniques. He returned to Vegas, taking the 36-hour Greyhound trip to make his way back to play Tuesday night, at the request of Brother Luke.

Until he returns for a promised future date, you can hear and download the music of Philip Reilly Stendek here, and you can learn more about looping and the artists that embraced it at Looper's Delight.

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