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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Museum to Outlast All Others in Vegas?

Does the Atomic Testing Museum's exposure to radiation give it mutant-like powers to survive in a city where museums struggle to stay open and thrive? Even if the radiation doesn't help, a museum that benefits from support from the defense industry does have an advantage that other museums don't have.

The Museum is part of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, which resides in the Frank H. Rogers Science & Technology Building off of E. Flamingo. The NTSHF was founded in 1998 to preserve the history of the Nevada Test Site. The mission of the NTSHF is to "... preserve and foster public accessibility to the history associated with the NTS and the nation's nuclear weapons testing program. The Foundation promotes and supports cultural, educational and scientific programming to encourage the development and public exchange of views regarding the NTS and its impact on the nation."

The foundation and museum benefits from defense industry patronage, with Bechtel Foundation donating $300,000 to the Atomic Testing Museum in August of 2003.

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