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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Asexual Radio Reproduction: KNPR Splits into News and Classical Music Stations

For those who were sick of their classical music being interrupted with news or vice versa, KNPR heard the pleas and created two new stations: News 88.9 KNPR and Classical 89.7 KCNV. For news junkies (like myself, Ed) and classical fans, their needs will undoubtedly be fed. But will the stations continue to only cater to their rarified audiences, or will they be able to attract additional listeners?

One thing that can be said is that the news station will, amongst other things, aid in reinforcing the beliefs of anti-war advocates. The Program on International Policy Attitudes released their report (PDF file) "MISPERCEPTIONS, THE MEDIA AND THE IRAQ WAR," and, in PICA's press release (PDF file), stated, "Study Finds Widespread Misperceptions on Iraq... Highly Related to Support for War... Misperceptions Vary Widely Depending on News Source... Fox Viewers More Likely to Misperceive, PBS-NPR Less Likely." Using the potentially loaded term "misconceptions," it goes about showing with anecdotal evidence (and graphs!) that the source of news does more to shape opinion, and that, "While it would seem that misperceptions are derived from a failure to pay attention to the news, in fact, overall, those who pay greater attention to the news are no less likely to have misperceptions."

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