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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cass Fuller to open at Sin City Gallery

Sin City Gallery in Las Vegas is delighted to present Incognito a show of the electrifying work of Cass Fuller. The show will open on April 2 through the 26th of April 2015. Incognito represents the fact that Fuller’s work is seen in the most popular venues in Las Vegas, and yet, no one knows who Cass Fuller is.

Glamorously bright arresting compositions link his work to the legacy of American Pop Art and Fuller has become very popular for a signature style that is truly of his time: ambitious, epic, engaged with contemporary culture and new techniques in the arts.

Building on the culture wide permeation of imagery from street art, as well as its way of inscribing large expanses of space, Fuller’s work takes Pop to another level. Fuller presents images from popular culture, and advertising, with large rhythmic swashes of color, often custom made for the space. The artist reimagines the paradigm of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen portraits of Hollywood stars to present a fashionable style, erotic, flashy, often developed in flat constellations of color that recall the majestic work of the iconic American Pop artist James Rosenquist. What ties Fuller to artists like Rosenquist is his command of formal elements, the adroit mastery of composition, color, the impactful use of text and collage, and areas of rich color offset by expanses of white space.

Many of the images are super real and have a delightful tromp l’oeil effect. Fuller’s work takes well to large scale sites and he uses a series of remarkable devices to compose his work, such as the recombination of images from print or advertising interrupted by expanses of color, and inscribed with graffiti like marks. His ability to render an almost photographic image is well regarded and seen in murals such as Lavo and Whist Stove and Spirits. While the artist has earned a reputation for his grand murals, his rare small works are equally remarkable and much sought after.

Fuller travels nationally for special commissions and his work includes installation art, large-scale murals in private homes and public spaces, as well as commissioned works. The artist’s projects may be seen at Commonwealth, Park on Fremont, Allure, Rumors and many high-end private residences in Las Vegas.

Sin City Gallery
107 East Charleston Blvd., Studio 120
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 USA
In The Arts Factory, 18B Arts District

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