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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sin City Gallery continues Kickstarter campaign!

Stick It Places. Hand Job. Clothing Optional. Popping Cherries, Cuddle Party, Foursome With Benefits, Bukake.…Got your attention?  These are just some of the smartly designed Rewards that are intended to stimulate support, if not conversation, for Sin City Gallery’s crowd-funding campaign for its publication and printing of a hardcover book series from four years of the annual renown international juried art exhibition 12 Inches of Sin: So Much Art You Can Barely Fit It All In.  Sin City Gallery is excited to launch its innovative Kickstarter campaign to melt the hearts of the most ardent critics of art.

Sin City Gallery is dedicated to providing a serious professional forum, exhibit space, and series of publications for practitioners of erotic art who have too long been marginalized or excluded from so much of the art world. The gallery has put together an amazing series of four books with color illustrations, critical text, and incredible design. Throughout its history, the groundbreaking exhibit 12 Inches of Sin has featured the most innovative, daring, and beautiful examples of erotic art. Gallery founder Dr. Laura Henkel says:

“For the inaugural call for art four years ago, the competition received forty submissions from artists from five different countries. As the exhibition has grown and become more established, more competitive, and increasingly international in scope, we have achieved a record of three hundred submissions from twenty countries. Imagine a glossy, color illustrated collection of contemporary erotica all yours to browse at your leisure, a treasure trove of sexiness and gorgeousness. There’s a little something for everyone.  I hope everyone shares the Kickstarter campaign because the Rewards are so well conceived and designed to de-stigmatize the general assumption that all erotic art is porn.  Art is art and good art should ignite the senses.”

Please share this FUN Kickstarter with your friends.  It will certainly bring a smile to your face and theirs! To learn more about the most memorable and humorous Kickstarter campaign ever...

For more information - 

Sin City Gallery - http://sincitygallery.com/

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