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Monday, August 04, 2014

Community Spotlight: Dana Anderson

Dana Anderson
Image by Noel Calizo
By Onnoleigh Sweetman,
contributing writer and editor

The ISI Group: Industry Supporting Industry

“To create art with all the passion in one's soul is to live art with all the beauty in one's heart.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

I first had the pleasure of meeting the down to earth, ambitious art entrepreneur Dana Anderson some years ago in Downtown Las Vegas. Running into him at numerous events at The Beauty Bar, Dana in my mind, was a mover and shaker of the Downtown “scene”. An artist and promoter that had a gift of engaging everyone he met with a rare energy of trust worthiness that exuded a solid reputation of a man on a mission that gets things done. And getting things done he is… To this day, Dana is challenging the concept of Art with his visionary company The ISI Group: Industry Supporting Industry. Founded in 2011, ISI is a forward thinking art agency which supports the underground arts such as: tattoo, street and independent artists with monthly live paint silent auctions, commissioned paintings, business and personal murals and even tattoo consultation.

What inspired ISI? Being huge fans of tattoo art and street art, Dana Anderson teamed up with Phillip Limon when they discovered a lack of public awareness of the true talent of such artists. The dedicated duo decided to create something that was community based and would inspire artists, as well as motivate them to continue to grow, all while giving them a fresh outlet to meet new clients and fans.

If you’ve ever been to an ISI event, the inspiration spreads through the crowds like wild fire, devouring any preconceived notions of how art should be presented or experienced with an interactive flare of live painting, performance art, music and more. ISI is rooted in pure organic, homegrown art in my opinion. In the face of rapid change in this city, I root for the underdog, the authentic man that doesn't sell out but rather keeps true to his original vision, his approach, and delivery which is evident with the stellar productions of Dana Anderson and The ISI Group… And I’m not the only one that’s taken notice. Just last week ISI received a “Best of Las Vegas” award from Vegas Seven. “Three years of events and this was the first mention for the ISI team in a Las Vegas Magazine” says Dana with great appreciation. A well deserved award for a well deserved team of Artists I might add.

The vision for ISI? “To continue with events, large and small scale, and slowly spread that love by moving to new cities”, says Anderson. “We recently launched our Salt Lake City ISI with a show in July and we are now doing quarterly events there and building an art community just like we did here in Vegas, so we hope to spread across the nation someday”.

And the wildfire that is ISI continues…

Current Projects: ISI recently launched the Linq Mural Project on the new Linq property on the strip, which included 23 large walls being constructed and curated by local street artists. The team also has a monthly residency with Brooklyn Bowl where they host 20 artist live paint silent auctions, with live music each month. And to spice things up a bit in true Sin City fashion, ISI has a weekly residency with Sapphire pool called Sight n Sound Sundays which includes 4 artists painting pool side with local DJS and free entry for locals.

In addition, ISI hosts weekly belly dance classes by Sara Lyn, live in the studio.

*ISI Studio is located in the Downtown Spaces at 1800 Industrial Rd. unit 207*

*Keep up with all things ISI on Facebook at The ISI Group and Instagram for photos of daily art @the_isi_group , the ISI website is currently under construction by please check it out very soon at www.ISIunite.com*

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