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Friday, April 01, 2011

First Friday, Live Blogging, Art and Culture...

I do have to say that there is something exciting about being able to blog LIVE from what ever event I am at. Could it have happened without Facebook and the internet interfaces that they have created? Who knows? But the fact that we have technology right at our fingertips to be able to do such tasks makes you think what is next in the world of technology.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with blogging live from different venues. Last night I blogged two messages, one from Trifecta Gallery and the other from Artifice, Downtown's newest lounge. Now the only problem that I see with LIVE blogging are the constant interruptions of people coming up to me, not to mention it is a bit distracting when there is great art to be had at every corner. In either case I enjoyed it and hope to be doing more of it in the future, especially tonight!

So with all this said I am excited to say that tonight is First Friday and from what I gathered last night at Preview Thursday it is going to be an amazing evening. From the Arts Factory in the Arts District to Emergency Arts in the Entertainment District and all points in between, Downtowns progress can be seen on every corner. Lounges, restaurants, store, galleries, studios and all types of businesses are starting to pop up, which tells me that we are finally beginning to see some light at the end of the economic tunnel. Now all we have to do is ride the wave of momentum by coming down and supporting what is truly a home grown cultural phenomenon.

First Friday festivities Downtown begin at 6pm, but if you have time to come down before, all the galleries are ready to welcome you.

For more information on First Friday follow the links below...

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