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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

University Students Converge in Carson City...

It is so heart warming to see students rise up against draconian cuts that they understand will decimate the university system in Nevada for at least a generation. At a time when we should be investing in our educational infrastructure to help rebuild our economy into something more than what it is today, Governor Brian Sandoval stands firm against investing in Nevada's future. He marches lock-step with his party and refuses to do what is right. What seems more important to Governor Sandoval is his party rather then Nevada and I even suspect his political aspirations beyond Carson City.

There was a time when elected leaders worked together for the good of the state, but sadly partisan politics and twisted ideologies have decimated what was once a collegial relationship. We elected leaders not because of there party affiliation but rather by their ability to lead. It is sad that today this is no longer the case. What our future holds is anyones guess but if we keep electing leaders like this, then we are as much to blame. Everyone knows that the only way we can grow as a society is by investing in our future and if you look at the rest of the world, they are doing a pretty good job beating us at our own game.

I have published both letters that were presented to the Governor and the State Legislature by the students of Nevada this week.

Letter to Governor Brian Sandoval

March 21, 2011

Dear Governor Sandoval:

As a Nevada student, I am the future of our state, and I know that a good education is the cornerstone of opportunity for my family, friends, community and me.

Your proposed cuts to my school will stop us from building the kind of state we want and limit my chances of success. Your proposals will cut down the future of my peers and extinguish our hopes and dream in very real ways: How do you expect me to learn in a classroom of 45 students? How do you expect me to get into college without any sports or extracurricular programs? How do you expect me to work a second job to pay tuition? And how exactly do you expect me to earn my degree if my classes are full or not even offered?

You promised during your campaign not to raise taxes. But the budget situation has gotten worse and we need a broader solution. Cuts alone, as you have proposed, will cripple Nevada for a generation. It’s shortsighted and it’s not leadership.

In this time of crisis, we are looking to you and legislators to guide us to a better future. We are watching to see if you will lead us forward. We’re looking for you to bring Democrats and Republicans together to find that balanced solution. If we need cuts, then balance them with new revenue so my school isn’t devastated.

You are the leader of our state. I call on you to set politics aside and do what’s right for my future, my community’s future, and Nevada’s future.

Student representatives from across Nevada

Letter to the State Legislature

Dear Legislator,

We are in Carson City today to ask you to work for a balanced solution to Nevada’s budget crisis. We realize that there will need to be cuts in state government, but we also know that business and industry must pay their fair share if we want the kind of education system that will allows us to succeed and build a strong state.

In many ways, we are here as representatives of the future. We are the next generation of Nevada leaders, and we need you to give us the tools and opportunity to succeed. High school classrooms of forty students won’t lead to success. College programs being eliminated won’t lead to success. Teachers being laid off by the thousands won’t lead to success. Limiting access to higher education won’t lead to success.

The cuts the governor has proposed won’t lead to a bright future. We are looking to you to put Nevada on a better path. We are counting on you, and years from now, when you look back at this time and see Nevada thriving, you will be proud to say that you had the foresight and wisdom to be part of the solution.

As a token and reminder of our visit, we are presenting you with this poster. We hope you will hang it in your office as a reminder of our message today.

Student representatives from across Nevada

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