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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Jingle Bells with a Downtown Las Vegas Twist...

Here is a great little jingle to celebrate the season. This song was was performed by the guests at Bill & Marc's Fabulous Christmas Party. Bill and Marc are the proprietors Retro Vegas, one of Las Vegas's great vintage furniture stores.

On behalf of Enculturate Las Vegas may all of you have a great and wonderful Holiday Season and even better New Year...

This song is performed to the tune of Jingle Bells... Enjoy...

Driving down Fremont, In a Car with rusted chrome,
I got it when the Jag, got repoed from my home.
Some bums came up to me, they made a pitch for cash,
I offered my used car to them, and they began to laugh

Oh, re-cess-ion, de-press-ion, no one seems to know.
Still tax breaks for the rich, but not the average Joe - O

We are f..ked, we are f..ked, says Dina T our friend,
She used to be our congress-man, our friendship will not end

Despite the public polls, Harry won the race
because Sha-ron An-gle, showed her ugly face
Now she's laying low, for that we give our thanks
Now we hope the G - O - P can loosen up those banks

Oh, Mex-i-can, Jap-an-ese, White or Black, we go
Which is which, it is clear Angle doesn't know - O!

Re-cess-ion, de-press-ion, no one seems to know
They say Zappos will save the day, but only Oscar NOSE!

Lyrics my Bill, Marc & Steve

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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