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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Neon Reverb Radio LIVE on KUNV...

Everybody knows or not, that many years ago I was involved with a motley crew of individuals who fought hard to maintain KUNV Radios multi-format programming especially the beloved program Rock Avenue. Well many many years later there is another program that my good friend DJ Donald Hickey has been producing called Neon Reverb Radio. Well for the first time in many years I am asking all of you who love the great indy music that Las Vegas has to offer to listen in this Friday to KUNV 91.5; left of the dial that is. 

Donald Hickey will be featuring the awesome sounds of Neon Reverb and maybe perhaps even a few special guests to entertain... Who knows I may even stop by and hang with the Donald. Who am I kidding I will definitely be there!

Here is a message from James Woodbridge from Neon Reverb about buying KUNV a Drink! 

"BUY KUNV A DRINK!" This Friday's (4/9) edition of Neon Reverb Radio will run live on 91.5FM from the KUNV studio during their pledge drive, from 8pm-10pm. That's right--TWO HOURS! Please consider listening to Neon Reverb Radio live on 4/9 and calling KUNV's pledge drive to make a contribution. There will be ticket give-aways for the 4/15 Japandroids show at Beauty Bar and the 4/16 Camera Obscura show at the Aruba Showroom! Even just $10 from the majority of us would convince KUNV that NRR is worth keeping. Let's show them it is! Alternatively, you can contribute to KUNV for the show online athttps://netcommunity.unlv.edu/SSLPage.aspx?pid=302. Be sure to write "To support Neon Reverb Radio!" in the comment box. Thanks!

If you want to keep Neon Reverb Radio alive and well in the Radiant City make sure to become a member of KUNV... GIMME MY KUNV!!!

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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