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Monday, December 07, 2009

The perfect storm in the Cultural Arts has arrived... Now where do we go?

By Brian Paco Alvarez

It is a sad day in Las Vegas when one of the great arts writers of this community is transferred from one publication to the next, this person is of course - Kristen Petersen. The potential decimation of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Las Vegas SUN is one of the most difficult realities of these economic hardships, which many publications around the nation are going through. It gives me pause when I wonder how little is reported of the arts in our community. There is no dedicated section for the arts in neither of the two major newspapers and barely a smattering of the arts in our weeklies.

In the past I looked over many of the great articles that were written, by good journalists, and I look back with remorse for the fact that I took for granted those little stories. But over the last several years I came to read those arts stories religiously. People like Suzanne Forestieri who not just is a good writer but an amazing artist. As a matter of fact I take pride that I was a subject of one her paintings. She now will leave us for the land of enchantment.

The departure of Kristen Petersen from the SUN leaves a huge void in our community also; not because of those who followed her arts notes and stories but rather for those who do not necessarily care much for the arts. Even with a skeptical public, the small influence that her stories could have on such a group was immense. Even if one skeptic, was in some way, inspired to even be curious about the arts then her job would be done. But again the economic realities do not see it that way.

In the end Kristen our dear friend is not leaving Las Vegas, she is still with us. She is moving on to the Las Vegas Weekly and for those who love her like me, I will continue to follow her stories religiously. Even in the end if one person who does not necessarily care for the arts just happens to stumble upon one of her stories and wonders curiously - then her job will be done.

Thank you Kristen & Suzanne...

posted by Brian Paco Alvarez, Curator and Chronicler of Culture at


Blogger CreativeMe said...

Excellent article. Such truth and conveyed so well. I look forward to your next article. Thank you for all you do.


8:48 PM

Blogger Deena Dowd said...

Well said, Paco. You truly have your ear on the pulse of the Las Vegas Art Scene. Thank you for your participation and perseverance. Your heart at voice are greatly appreciated.


6:12 AM

Blogger Fred Sigman said...

When Pat Gaffey started the Las Vegas Weekly circa 1993, I wrote art criticism for the first few issues. Charles Morgan took over that column for about two years. There have been times in Las Vegas art history when good writers added to the awareness of the arts and culture here. Scott Dickensheets was my favorite. Ken White for the SUN has written some good reviews. For the most part, the newspapers and magazines in LV have not given the arts the necessary attention one might find in a community the size of Las Vegas. Now, it is up to the bloggers...

10:56 AM


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