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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Velocity of a Downtown…

"Many people see technology as the problem behind the so-called digital divide. Others see it as the solution. Technology is neither. It must operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social system." 
Carly Fiorina

Velocity of a Downtown…

The stage has been set, the lights are on and the curtains have risen. A feeling of anticipation washes over the audience as the players take the stage for what is to be the next “movement” in downtown Las Vegas. What once was considered a backdrop to the flashy lights and shows of the Las Vegas strip is now making headlines. The tribes have gathered and the intensity of downtown accumulates with a velocity like none other. As I watch the growth of the city around me, I can only relish in the thought of how far DTLV has truly come. I remember my first time on the infamous Fremont Street in old town Vegas. I was fifteen years old walking to the corner of Fremont and Las Vegas boulevard. An acting student 2,ooo miles away from my home in Rochester, NY, I was shocked to see a homeless man shooting up heroine right in front of myself and others to see. I recall ringing my parents that evening back in New York to tell them they wouldn’t believe what a rough neighborhood I was living in. Seven Cities and many years later, I now find myself living just blocks away from that first memory. What was once a humble beginning has now come full circle to a community of progressive thinkers, movers and shakers, all of which have vigorously infiltrated the downtown scene. And so now as I walk the streets of old town, I can sense an intensity building, an intensity of what is yet to come…

Proof of such intensity is the buzzing photo exhibit “Who is Downtown”. A collaboration between Blackbird Studios and Nomic, a new start up company with a solid mission to get people more connected downtown. The exhibit will feature photos of the people that power our cities or in this case, Downtown Las Vegas. Co- founded by MIT alumni Nate Boyd, this San Francisco transplant is making waves in a very short time since moving to the bustling community of downtown Las Vegas. He has immersed himself into the culture of DTLV igniting inspiration among everyone from bartenders to dancers to business owners. And why? After working a decade for other start up tech companies Nate decided to travel the world. Upon returning he met Scott Yara and together they decided they wanted to create a company that would not only enhance lives, but change them.

I first heard of Nomic (derived from eco-nomic) while browsing through a section of the Craigslist ads. The headline “Are you downtown”? Caught my eye right away. The sense of community inclusion and integrity of a project through passionate words on a page got my curiosity brewing. I checked out their website www.nomic.com and was intrigued by everything I read. And with that I landed myself a meeting with the fire starter himself Nate Boyd. At first glance, Nate has a burneresque kind of vibe. Tall with tussled hair he has a calm and welcoming demeanor. In conversation it is evident that Nate is a solid person with a clear and simple vision. To create a more personal economy…

“The idea behind Nomic is to simplify and amplify the communication that drives our cities”, states Nate.
“We have all these great ways to share with friends and family, but what about everyone outside our social circles? Where's the network to connect with coworkers, customers, and collaborators at the local level”?
And a local level it is. With over a 1000 invites on Facebook for “Who Is Downtown”, one can see how the vision of of Nomic is starting to spread like wildfire. One strong point that Nate makes in nearly every conversation in regards to Nomic, is simply about connection.

“And how do we connect with the people behind the local businesses we love”? Asks this driven co-founder. “Because it's not about the yoga studio, it's about the yoga instructor. Same goes for stylists, bartenders, doctors, artists, waiters, babysitters and all the people who help us out and hook us up on a daily basis”. “Nomic aims to be that connection” he says. “We're building software to connect our city”.

The road to Vegas seemed a natural step in the progression that is Nomic. Originally founded in San Francisco the crew found themselves visiting the eclectic city to check out The Downtown project. “DTLV is a community in transformation”. Says Nate. “Every day we meet people who are rewriting the rules and creating something new and needed. What sealed the deal was getting out into the community and meeting so many amazing locals”. He says. “Community-minded pioneers who instantly got our vision for a more connected city. We realized there was no better time and place than here and now to launch our business”.

A powerful statement of a positive vision… And what better City to launch than Downtown Las Vegas, where the culture emanates with a progressive mixture of art and business at every corner thriving to make an impact against the back drop of the tourist filled strip….

The ultimate vision for Nomic and DTLV?

“So our vision is for Vegas to be the best city in the world to start a new business or a new band. The easiest city in the world to get plugged into your scene, whatever that may be. The most personally connected city in the world, combining the feel of a small town with the richness of global culture”.

And a richness of culture it is…Nate and his crew of designers and photographers have created a velocity of economic inclusion and an awakened vivaciousness of a community. Flyers line the buildings of the entire arts district igniting a buzz like none other. On the tip of everyone’s tongue is now Nomic. A clever endeavor and one which creates an enticing foreplay for the curtain call of which is to come this Thursday evening at Black Bird Studios.

November 21st, 7pm-10pm
Join us for a photography exhibit featuring the craft and soul of people making a difference downtown.
Mingle with people shaping culture and driving business across our community, and have some fun!

Incredible food from Slidin' Thru and cutthroat culinary will be provided. Drinks byEvents With A Twist LLC and...special live performances by Anna Duerden Music,Aziam and Joey Pero!!

A complimentary shuttle from The Odgen and The Juhl will be provided. First shuttle leaves the Ogden at 6:45pm, arrive at The Juhl around 6:55pm, and then drop off at the venue. The shuttle will be on loop for the duration of the event.

Complimentary on-site custom screen printing from Ink+Cotton Live Screen Printing, plus Hotmess Boutique will have their fashion truck open for shopping!

Blackbird Studios
1551 South Commerce Street #A 
(Located at the Commerce Street Studios)
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

For more information on Nomic please visit www.nomic.com

Have an Iphone? Download the app today for free and get connected

-Onnoleigh Sweetman
Founder, Artistic Director
Nytronix Entertainment
The Project UrbanLandwww.nytronix.com

Contributing writer
Onnoleigh Sweetman

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