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Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Cooler side of First Friday did not disappoint...

The folks at First Friday were not kidding when they said they were going to cool things off a bit. With chalk in hand and dozens of artists and volunteers braving the warm temperatures they transformed one entire city block into a glacial odyssey. One could only walk away in awe of what we witnessed in Downtown Las Vegas. I would say that this massive perspective chalk painting was probably one of the largest the city has ever seen. Actually come to think of it I cant remember ever seeing one here period. In either case this massive work of art was replete with sea lions, whales,  and penguins too! Live ones at that! 

Optical allusions aside this past August First Friday did not disappoint! Ah the cultural arts are alive and well in Fabulous Las Vegas. I cant wait to see what they will do next month!

Culturally yours Paco...

Paco surfing an iceberg in
Downtown Las Vegas!!!
Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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