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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vegas Style: A celebration of Las Vegas Entertainment Fashion

Redemption is the word I would like to use when it comes to seeing UNLV finally re-embracing Museum Studies as a viable profession. Last year the History Department gladly picked up the mantel and ran with it by hiring the fashion wonder woman Dr. Deirdre Clemente. Not since my mentor Dr. Vicky Cassman, who I trained with in the department of Anthropology, have I been so excited about a professor. Though Vicky sadly left UNLV (ahem) effectively ending museum studies in that department, the History program came in to save the day!

Dr. "D" as I affectionately call her is one of the most amazing people I ever met. The minute my good friend and colleague Dustin Wax introduced me to her I was hooked. She is electrifying, a leader, inspiring and has more energy than a hurricane! The woman knows her stuff and her students are the embodiment of her energy. Dr. D. has taken Las Vegas by storm and she is a power to be reckoned with. This past summer I was very fortunate to have one of her star students, Alex Hutchings, become my intern at the Las Vegas News Bureau. The kid is passionate, has a ton of energy and is a sponge when it comes to the field. Its funny because I see a lot of myself in him when I started my career 12 years ago.

So with all this said Dr. Clemente and her Public History wunderkinds continue on their trek to greatness by taking on a bold and exciting project. Over the last several months they have been diligently curating what is expected to be one of the hottest exhibitions to hit Las Vegas in years. The exhibition which is slated to open on Friday at the Nevada State Museum is a celebration of Las Vegas entertainment style. From Liberace's costume and rhinestone encrusted piano, Frank Sinatra's golf putter, Penn and Teller's suits, to the gowns of the rich and famous this show is a must see. With Las Vegas embracing the fashion industry over the last couple of years and even Zappos taking the lead, the timing of this exhibition could not be more perfect!

Vegas Style; the exhibition opens this Friday at the new Nevada State Museum located inside the Springs Preserve.

The Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas
309 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
Friday - Monday
10 am to 6 pm

Vegas Style opening reception Friday, November 16th, 6pm

For more information about Vegas Style - http://www.unlvvegasstyle.com/
For more information about the UNLV History Department - http://history.unlv.edu/
Form more information about the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas - http://museums.nevadaculture.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=427&Itemid=438
For more information about the Springs Preserve - http://www.springspreserve.org/

Special Guest Pianist Dale "G" Gonzales
playing Liberace's Rhinestone Baldwin 
Grand Piano this evening

About "G" - http://www.bibb.k12.ga.us//Domain/3514

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