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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Las Vegas based artist Matthew Couper for export - @ Alios on Main

“I’ve been wanting to present the paintings and scrimshaw teeth to friends and interested parties in Las Vegas because the primary motivation for the works now come from here in Las Vegas and the machinations of the Strip - this amazing humanist construct in the middle of a harsh, arid desert. These new paintings provide a conduit between my status as a ‘new arrival’ and my dissection of Las Vegas as an unique place to make art” 
- Matthew Couper

So when an internationally accomplished artist like Matthew Couper chooses Las Vegas as a backdrop to create his work, does it help legitimize an art scene that few take seriously? Do we need legitimizing? The jury is still out on that one. In any case Matthew Couper now calls Las Vegas home and he uses it as a launching pad to export his brand of work world wide. 

Inspired by his new community, Matt takes the essence of Las Vegas' "culture", plus the harsh realities of living in the unforgiving Mojave Desert and expresses it beautifully on canvas. Matt definitely "gets it" and with what seems like dozens of local shows under his belt he is definitely tuned into the scene. His one night show this evening at Alios on Main, will be a preview of the collection that he will be sending out to Australia, New Zealand and Spain. It will be a great opportunity to see what the rest of the world will soon experience and to understand, if ever so briefly, what goes through the mind of a damn good artist. 

1217 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
6pm FREE 

For more information about Matthew Couper - 

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