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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Smith Center is revving up... Tickets on sale now!

The opening of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is the single most important event in Las Vegas's cultural arts history since the Mesquite Club planted its first tree 100 years ago. The multi-million dollar project will hearken a new era of the arts in a community yearning for more than cheap buffets and lounge acts. The days of Las Vegas being considered a cultural backwater are coming to an end and it is without any doubt that the Smith Center will be at the helm of that change. The change will be so monumental that the cultural landscape of not just Las Vegas, but the region will be positively affected. Despite the huge strides of the arts in Las Vegas over the last 30 years, it will be the Smith Center that will add the final spark that will ignite a cultural revolution whose impact will be felt far beyond our lifetimes.

I make absolutely no apologies that I am a major fan of the Smith Center. Recently taking a tour of the preview center located at the Holsum Design Center only reinforced what I already believed; that only once in a generation do we get a chance to celebrate the beginning of such an important legacy. With the Smith Center preparing for its first curtain call they have already announced the sale of season tickets to it stellar line-up of Broadway shows.

On Tuesday, July 26th tickets will go one sale. With season tickets starting off at $99 dollars everyone in Las Vegas will be able to participate in what will easily be the social event of the year.

For more information about the The Smith Center please visit their site - http://www.thesmithcenter.com/ or better yet head down to the Holsum Design Center for a preview tour.  Tell them Paco sent you...

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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