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Saturday, May 21, 2011

An afternoon & evening in Downtown... A checklist of possibilities...

Just another Fabulous weekend in Downtown Las Vegas...

  1. Pick up my bud Roger from Chicago at Aria for his grand tour of Downtown 
  2. A little breakfast at Tiffany's Cafe
  3. Regards to the Urban Playa Arts & Yard Sale for Burning Man at Boulder Plaza 
  4. A stroll to the Arts Factory to see Casey Weldon's exhibition at Trifecta gallery
  5. Hit up the Contemporary Arts Center for a gander at the 22nd Annual Juried Show
  6. A jaunt to see John Musgrove at Brett Wesley Gallery
  7. Check out the construction progress of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts
  8. Hit up the El Cortez for 70 awesome nostalgic and historic years 
  9. A cocktail, a little Pacman and Galaga at Insert Coins Game Bar and Video Lounge 
  10. A big hug from Justin "Favy" Favela at Emergency Arts
  11. An awesome iced vanilla latte at the Beat Coffeehouse
  12. Visit the Lil Art Bodega, Kleven Contemporary and convo with the fabulous Tanya
  13. Back to the Sky Pad for some penne pasta with a spicy mushroom marinara from Resnicks
  14. Artifice for a libation and a big hug from Deena!
  15. Painters and Poets on the Patio back at the Arts Factory
  16. Back to Fremont East and Vanguard Lounge for a little dancing with DJ Chad Stolarick
  17. End the night at Downtown Cocktail Lounge

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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