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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Insert Coin(s) Video Lounge & Gamebar Rocks Downtown with art exhibition TONIGHT!

Last week the much anticipated opening of Downtown's newest and most exciting attraction opened its doors to the masses. Not just is Insert Coin(s) an arcade on steroids with a full bar, night club and lounge but it is also an art gallery. For someone like myself who grew up in the era of Pacman and Donkey Kong it was by far one of the coolest establishments I have come across in a really long time.

As we gathered on Fremont East at 7pm on Friday, we were greeted by throngs of people standing in line. The excitement was so much we decided to let the crowds die down a bit and go to Vanguard Lounge for a cocktail before we braved going back next door. After spending almost 7 hours inside playing games and dancing the night away to 80's and 90's beats we finally forced ourselves to leave. As we walked out the door at 1am there were still people waiting in line!

Walking into the cavernous space that is Insert Coin(s) brought back tons of memories of my youth. On one side of the bar was all the nostalgia of the 1970's and 80's video games such as Centipede, Frogger, Galaxa and of course Pacman. On the other, was the nostalgia of the 1990's Sega craze like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat and thats just to name a few. Right down the middle of Insert Coin(s) was a huge 70ft bar whose top changed colors like glow-sticks at a rave. Not just was the space filled with video games and a bar but beautifully appointed with awesome murals created by local artists. The space as a whole works as a de-facto art gallery but there is an area towards the front of the bar that is dedicated to just art.

As a matter of fact this evening Insert Coin(s) will be hosting a reception for their inaugural exhibition "Back in the Day" curated by Insert Coin(s) Art Director Keri Schroeder. The art exhibition is inspired by classic video games and vintage toys with proceeds from the exhibit to be donated to the tsunami relief in Japan.

The participating artists include Jerry Misko, KD Matheson, Dasha Biggs, Mike Biggs, Mark T. Zeilman, Jesse Smigel, Cristina Paulos, Brent Holmes, Ryan Tino, Keri Schroeder, Scream, Ashley Beatty, Caesar Garcia, Albert Montoya, Roxy B Montoya, Juan Muniz, Ainjil Bragg, Daniel Bennett, Camille Bohannon, Shan Michael Evans, Jose Hernandez, Marty Treinen, May Nomura, Michelle Irish, Nico Holmes-Gull, and Warren Wucinich.

The exhibition will run from April 15th through May 24th.

Back in the Day artist reception TONIGHT 6pm to 10pm
512 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 477-2525

Hopefully I will see you tonight at Downtown's newest and most exciting attraction...

Insert Coin(s) getting ready to rumble
Photo by Paco
Paco on Fremont East
Photo by Ari Eberlin 
Staci Linklater playing
a little Mrs. Pacman
Photo by Paco
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