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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Trifecta Gallery presents "machina ex machina" new media work by Brian Henry...

I love Brian Henry, probably a lot more then what his lovely wife Jennifer would be comfortable with, but I digress. No seriously, Brian Henry is one of my faviorite artists in Vegas not just because I have two of his works in my own collection but because he is always creating art outside of the box. It was in December that I saw one of his digital works at Trifecta's Minumental Show and it reminded me of a lot of the visualizations the were projected on the walls of local discos back in the day. Well not date myself, what I actually meant to say were nightclubs in the 1990's.

Since I have yet to study the show in person, from what I have been able to gather from the images posted below, Brian's work reminds me ever so slightly of Frank Stella's River of Ponds IV, at least in color palate but definitely within the realm of the minimal. But knowing that it is in digital format I bet there are no two visualizations alike whitin a 24 hour period. Its just a hunch.

Knowing Brian's work and what he creates has me pretty giddy to see what he has in store for us this time around. You know it has to be good if Marty Walsh is bringing him back for an encore.

Reflections of the show from Marty Walsh...

If you think colors are pretty to look at and have no real impact on people, think again. Brian Henry converts Trifecta Gallery this February into an exhibition showing the power of color. Each viewer will be able to experience the show on their own terms.

Henry introduces a new concept and media for Trifecta Gallery. He tells his tale in the medium of digitally engineered hues, saturation, and the luminant properties of light. Each of the four pieces are inspired by four well known Greek myths. Icarus/wing shapes, Orpheus /shredded rope shapes, Achilles/ piercing triangles, and Narcissus/concentric rectangles transitioning from color to color.

The real work of the Artist however, is in the authoring of the programs. Coded sets of numbers, characters and letters specify that each composition has only two visual elements, each of which have at least 2 randomized values: color and opacity. Additionally, some of the programs incorporate the randomized values of speed, position, and number. The images generated are completely unique and unrepeating.

Machina ex Machina. Problem solved.

Trifecta Gallery
107 East Charleston Boulevard #160
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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