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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Metro Gathering for the Contemporary Arts Center...

Every few months the Metro Arts Council of Southern Nevada puts together a mixer for arts professionals to gather and talk about what is happening in the creative world. Well that time has come again and tonights event will feature David Sanchez-Burr President of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). I am most certain David will be discussing the exciting happenings that are occurring with the 21 year old organization.

I had the privilege to serve on the board of the CAC for many years and I do have to say that time I spent was memorable and of course an exciting learning experience. Today the organization continues shaking things up with new and exciting exhibitions that feature the latest in Contemporary Art. As a matter of fact the Contemporary Arts Center formally known as the Contemporary Arts Collective is the only private non-profit arts organization dedicated to Contemporary Art in Southern Nevada. The CAC is definitely a survivor and one that I would encourage all of my readers to visit.

Wendy Kveck the Director of the CAC and an accomplished artist herself recently inaugurated a new and exciting exhibition called Body Ritual by Jean-Rene' Leblanc in celebration of Pride festivities. This exhibition is part of a new exhibition series at the CAC known as East Side Projects that will feature exhibitions in the windows that are part of the organizations space. I am excited to see Wendy take on this new task and one that I may just have to submit some work for.

If you have not visited the Contemporary Arts Center please visit their website to learn more http://www.lasvegascac.org/

For more information on the Metro Arts Council of Southern Nevada please visit their site at http://www.metroartsnevada.com/
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