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Friday, May 07, 2010

Changing lives one shoe at a time...

How often do we think about the shoes on our feet? Yes we put them on everyday and then we do not think much about them. Sometimes they are comfortable and sometimes they kill our feet. Some of us may have a few pairs of shoes and others may have hundreds. Now imagine being a child who goes to school with a pair of shoes that are falling apart? Imagine having to share shoes with your siblings because your family cannot afford to buy a pair of your own. Even in our great and wealthy nation this is happening everyday. There are thousands of children in our community, who through no fault of there own, have been the victims of the economic downturn or other factors. Luckily there is an organization that assists children with getting a free pair of shoes and socks. The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation of Las Vegas is dedicated to assisting these children in need. Their mission sums it up best.

The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development. 

Power couple RaShelle Roberts and Erich Victa teamed with Nikki and Tony Berti founders of Goodie Two Shoes to put together the Art n' Sole art auction that will benefit these children. The event teams up local artists with simple white canvas shoes donated by Zappos that have been transformed into amazing works of art. The shoes will be silently auctioned off this Saturday at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant.

For several weeks I have watched RaShelle and Erich work with dedicated volunteers and artists to put on what will be a memorable event. I have to tell you watching their passion for this cause is heartwarming, so much so, that I personally could not say no when RaShelle asked me to participate. As a matter of fact I am excited to be curating the art show. Just seeing these amazing works of art makes me wonder if I can find a pair in my size! Now I am thinking how I can make the shoes look as fabulous as photographer Wayne Wallace did in his amazing shots? You can see the art shoes on the Art n' Sole Facebook Fan Page

The event will take place this Saturday beginning at 6pm at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant located at 4480 Paradise Road across from the Hard Rock Cafe. So please come down and participate for a fabulous cause and muse with some amazing art, food, wine and I heard some amazing chocolates!

For more information on the event please visit Art n' Sole

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