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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Downtown Photo Essay #2... Intelligent Architecture for the 21st Century...

One thing is well known about Las Vegas, it is not known for its iconic and timeless architecture outside of the spectacle that is created on the Las Vegas Strip. Even the university has demolished many of its iconic mid-century modern structures in favor of the new. Though the winds of change are in the air especially in Downtown, where several structures have risen over the last 15 years that have a created a unique style that is respectful of the desert environment while at the same time creating a new neighborhood that has grown organically.

The Grand Central Parkway and Bonneville Corridor is one of the first places in Las Vegas in over 40 years where buildings have been built independently and yet designed to be in symphony with each other. This is most evident with the use of color palettes, design elements, materials and heights that all work quite beautifully together. This past weekend I walked the area and felt a sense of peace that I had not felt before in my native home; The buildings, the colors, the sights and sounds all working together gave me hope that a great future is destined for our Downtown.

If you have not gone down to Symphony Park I would highly suggest it. Just park your car at the Premium Outlet Mall or at the Clark County Government Center and walk the area. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. See you Downtown...

World Market Center & Cleveland Clinic
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
at Grand Central Parkway


Clark County Government Center Sign

Clark County Government Center

World Market Center looking South
on Grand Central Parkway

World Market Center

World Market Center looking West

The Molasky Corporate Center on
the North end of Grand Central Parkway

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