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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Local Liberal Outrage Gets Physical

Great! Leave it to a select few Vegas liberals to give both local and national conservatives something to bite on. Local TV station KLAS has an article up on the assault of a Vegas local at Fahrenheit 9/11 showing.

James Hudnall's Digital Brownshirts? Try Leftist Brownshirts article starts with the personal aside, "It's a good thing I wasn't there when this happened. Take my word for it. " on the D.C. Horton site he continues, "It's a good thing I wasn't there when this happened or it would have made the news. All those severed limbs and heads would have been messy.' "

Local conservative pundit/blogger dcthornton.com added to the discussion.

"Don't expect Michael Moore to denounce the assault, but probably compare the assailant to one of the Minutemen.

In the meantime, I hope Metro Police will keep an eye on the MoveOn crowd and not hesitate to arrest the next person who even thinks of assaulting anybody who isn't singing praises of Moore's crockumentary. "

Surprisingly, Tinseltrasher has yet to offer his take.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming from the left, I chimed in as well.

I don't appreciated being represented by a neanderthal, or a neanderthal enabler. I was outraged when I heard about this.

James Martin,
Sin City Cynic

4:26 PM

Blogger D.C. Thornton said...

It's not just a partisan issue. It's a civil issue. We're all Americans here -- and despite what our individual opinions may be, we don't physically attack each other for having an opposing point of view.

Just to be fair, had the roles been reversed and some far-right wacko was on the giving end of the assault, I'd still show the same outrage.

7:21 PM


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