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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Unboringist Poetry Event Ever

Dayvid Figler, of "Figler Omnimedia Inc," has promised an evening of non-boring poetry on Thursday, May 27th. From the keyboard of the county's hippest former judge...

"I'm writing you because the City of Las Vegas asked me to host a poetry reading in an outdoor beer garden type atmosphere downtown and I agreed. What that means is that I've assembled a great evening of spoken word that takes place this THURSDAY, MAY 27th from 6:00 until 8:00 PM (maybe as late as 8:30) on the Lewis Avenue Corridor which is on 4th Street between the BIG FEDERAL COURT HOUSE and the boondoggle that will be REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER. If you've ever wanted to go to a poetry thing, but were afraid it might be boring...this is going to be one of the most, um, unboringist ever....I've not only secured some great locals, but two performers from the HBO's Def Poetry Jam. Bottom line (besides the beer, wine, poetry, food catered by Tinoco's Bistro and light jazz)...is that the city is doing this as an experiment. As much fun as First Friday is, one day a month doesn't make the Downtown area an Arts district...if we get enough attendance, they have guaranteed me more events in the fall, so I hope you can show up (even for a half hour) and if you can't you might pass this along to someone who might be interested.

The specific lineup is: Poet/cop Harry Fagel, Poet/Citylifer Jarret Keene, the fantastically powerful Nakatchi Clark, Keith Brantley plus musical backup, yours truly and from NYC/Def Poet Jam George and Rachel McKibbens."

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