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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Great Las Vegas Paintbrushes have arrived!

After several years of anticipation the Dennis Oppenheim Gateway Paintbrushes have arrived in 18b and not a minute too soon. As you will see from the images below the paintbrushes are supposed to tilt towards each other so at night they will create this dramatic lighted gateway over Charleston Boulevard. The gateway arch is supposed to reach 2000 ft over Charleston and change colors.

Though the brushes were supposed to create a gateway the paintbrush on Casino Center and Charleston actually points away from the other brush located on 4th and Charleston. Why? Well I think they may have forgotten a little detail; power lines! In either case 18b now has two fantastical sculptures that will dramatically change the night sky over Downtown.

We Downtowner's welcome the new addition to the neighborhood, which marks yet another fabulous milestone in our trek towards creating a wonderful and livable Downtown!

Here are a few images to entice you before the dedication in a few weeks.

Paintbrush Gateway, 2010
Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, perforated metal, acrylic rod,
LED string lights, searchlight with colored filters,
Each element: 45' High x 5" diameter
Commissioned by the City of Las Vegas
Rendering by D. Rittinger
The Paintbrush on 4th & Charleston
The Paintbrush on Casino Center & Charleston
The Paintbrush from Brett Wesley Gallery
The Paintbrush pointing towards the Arts Factory
The Paintbrush is Tall!
The Leaning Paintbrush of 18b!
4th and Charleston Paintbrush lit-up
Changing colors

For more information on the Gateway Paintbrushes by artist Dennis Oppenheim http://www.lvartscommission.com/

About Artist Dennis Oppenheim http://www.dennis-oppenheim.com/

About 18b Las Vegas' Arts District http://18b.org/

About Brett Wesley Gallery http://www.brettwesleygallery.com/

About the Arts Factory http://www.theartsfactory.com/

(Images by Brian Paco Alvarez, If you would like to use them please do so just give me a little credit Thanks!)

Brian Paco Alvarez enculturating Las Vegas into the millennium...

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